Chakradance® - The Dance of Mother Earth


mar. 20/03/2018 de 19h00 à 20h00

Fuseau horaire : Edmonton (GMT-07:00)

The Soul Center
103, 4919 49th Street
T4N1V1 Red Deer
Red deer

The Soul Center

Date: March 20

Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm

Location: 103, 4919-49 Street. Lower Level of Imperial Block Building

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Cost: $21 - prepayment is required

No refunds if you cancel less than 48hrs, $10 is non refundable if you cancel at anytime

Host: Michelle Brink - Elements Energy

How to register:

Min# 4

Max# 10

Come & explore the base chakra with ‘The Dance of Mother Earth’. The base chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with our overall physical health. Symbolically, it is represented by the element of earth.

It is from this chakra that we connect with our instincts. In our modern culture we often spend too much time indoors ... stuck in traffic jams ... meeting constant deadlines ... we’re often not spending enough time in nature. All of this weakens our connection to our instincts. When we lose touch with our own instincts, we feel unsafe, unstable, and out of rhythm with life. In the dance of mother earth, we will begin as a seed, and begin to sense how we feel in the base chakra. We then explore this chakra further through dancing the element of mother earth. In this journey, be open to experiencing mother earth with all of your senses – hear her, smell her, feel her, taste her. You may meet a power animal or a guide with a message. In the final part of our dance we connect to our instincts (that primal, instinctual, primitive, raw, wild, animal part of ourselves) by invoking our inner primitive man or woman and allowing him or her to emerge in our dance. This dance can help us feel more alive and vibrant ... more in tune with our bodies and our environment. It helps us to find an inner stability and a sense of security in our lives.

Participants must be 18+

The Soul Center
103, 4919 49th Street
T4N1V1 Red Deer

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