Costa Rica: Volunteer & Immersion

sam. 4 août à 18:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Juan Santamaría International Airport
Costa Rica

Want to experience the beauty and culture of Costa Rica without the tourist traps? Interested in volunteering, home stays, and/or language immersion when you travel? How about a few nights at a boutique hotel on a pristine white sand beach, surrounded by a friendly locals, with lux activities included like a catamaran sailing tour?

If all that sounds pretty much perfect, then check out this 7-night trip, crafted to bring you a truly unique experience in the happiest country in the world!*

Volunteering with Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation** for 3 days offers an in-depth and fulfilling experience on your travels, combined with excursions throughout the Central Valley. You'll also enjoy 3 nights of relaxation and adventure on a stunning white sand beach named among the most beautiful beaches on earth! All of this is yours and MORE on our 'Volunteer & Immersion' Costa Rica trip this August (or custom dates).

Family package pricing and add-on nights available. Custom date options. Unguided pricing option for custom dates. Truly something for everyone!


*Find out why Costa Rica is the happiest country here:

**Learn more about Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation here: