Video Journalism Talk by Mostafa Darwish

vendredi 23 de 19h00 à 21h00

Fuseau horaire : Cairo (GMT+02:00)

15 Somal Street, El Korba, Heliopolis
The growth in video journalism coincides with changes in video technology and the reduction of expenses. The video journalist has become the reporter, videographer, sound technician and the producer. Meet the video journalist Mostafa Darwish at Photopia on the 23rd of February in a very interesting talk about Video Journalism.
Date: 23 February , 2018
Time: 7-9Pm
Admission Fees : LE40
Venue: 15 Somal Street, Korba, Heliopolis.
Talk points:
1. Researching, Collecting information, and finding the idea.
2. Communicating with the source and trying to understand his/her personality. Visual preparation for the story by watching and reading as many similar stories to fresh and new story angles.
3. Filming equipment: In terms of choosing the tripod, the tools of filming, sound tools, lighting, etc.
4. Dialogue skills with the source
5. The filming
6. The Montage (the final Stage): Montage is considered to be the critical stage in the audiovisual production industry.
About Mostafa Darwish:
Mostafa Darwish is a freelance visual journalist based in the Middle East, currently in Egypt. He started his career as a photojournalist in 2011. His work has been published in various international media outlets such as AP, EPA, CCTV, AJ+, BBC, Time magazine and the Guardian. Darwish produced stories from Egypt, Sudan, Malaysia, Sweden and Turkey about contemporary issues as well as breaking news in the Middle east.