THE ART Of NON-DOING: Restorative Yoga
Thrive Yoga

sam. 31/03/2018 de 14h30 à 17h30

Fuseau horaire : Amsterdam (GMT+01:00)

Thrive Yoga
Sumatrakade 1 & IJburglaan 961 & Tweede Atjehstraat 55
1019BJ Amsterdam
The Art of Non-Doing: RestorativeYoga
with International Yoga Teacher Veda Ela
Our culture promotes a never ending amount of doing. It is build on how productive we can be, how much we can achieve. It can feel as if nothing is ever enough.
Restorative Yoga is Counter Cultural. It is the radical, counter-cultural experience of simply “Being”.
Restorative yoga is similar to Yin (it is also a feminine, receptive form). Poses are held for several minutes yet, the main goal is to experience relaxation and restoration.
In Restorative yoga the physical body needs to be very comfortable and the use of props is a “must”. As the physical body receives the message of being safe and comfortable this message can be received by the nervous system resulting in very healing practice for both body and mind.
About Veda Ela
Veda Ela is an International Yoga Teacher with more than 25 years of experience supporting people to be more comfortable in their skin, being more compassionate and joyful on the mat and in their lives.
Ela lives and teaches in the pristine forst of Costa Rica in an Eco-village( From March until July she tours Europe with her workshops and Restorative Yoga and Teacher Training. For more info about her work and schedule, visit:
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price (3 hours): € 35
(€30 for thrive moth members)