The Battle of Tikit 2008
Sim-Tac Airsoft

dimanche 25 de 8h00 à 17h00

Fuseau horaire : Dublin

Sim-Tac Airsoft
Gibstown, Meath, Ireland
Co. Meath
Mission & Background
The Second Battle of Tikrit was a battle in which the Iraqi forces recaptured the city of Tikrit (the provincial capital of the Saladin Governorate) from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Iraqi forces consisted of the Government's Security Forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces (the bulk of the ground forces, consisted of Shia militiamen and also some Sunni tribesmen), receiving assistance from Iran's Quds Force officers on the ground, and American, British, and French air forces.
The city of Tikrit, located in the central part of the Saladin Governorate in north of Baghdad and Samarra and lying adjacent to the Tigris River, was lost to ISIL during the huge strides made by the group during its offensive in June 2014. After its capture, ISIL retaliated with the massacre at Camp Speicher, a nearby training facility for the Iraqi air force. After months of preparation and intelligence-gathering, Iraqi forces engaged in offensive operations to fully encircle. and subsequently retake the city, starting on 2 March 2015. offensive is the largest anti-ISIL operation to date, involving some 20,000–30,000 Iraqi forces (outnumbering ISIL fighters more than 2-to-1), with an estimated 13,000 ISIL fighters present. It was reported that 90% of the residents of the city left out of fear both of ISIL and retaliatory attacks by Shia militias once the city is captured. As such, most of the residents fled to nearby cities, such as Baghdad and Samarra, or even further to Iraqi Kurdistan or Lebanon.
The Mission of the Iraqis and their allies is to defend the City inflicting as little damage while keeping out the ISIL & Securing key areas within the City walls
Keeping the City secured, your secondary mission is to Prevent any Cells of ISIL destroying key instillations with in the wall, While working with the local population and gaining their trust
There will be NO lunch breaks All Players are required to carry field rations or lunch, Please bring enough Water to last 6 hours
This Scenario will run from 10am till 5pm and will be a Continuous battle with no Scripted Breaks, it will be incumbent in Commanders to ensure that their troops are rotated and rested and that each Player is in possession of adequate water for the duration
Coalition Forces
US-SF x 10
Local Iraqi Forces x 25
Local Iraqi Police x 5
Coalition Tasking
1. Aid & assist Iraqi Forces
2. Launch Counter insurgency Missions
3. Provide intel & Air Support where needed
Local Iraqi Forces
1, Man Check Points in to and out of the City
2, Prevent ISIL from gaining a stronghold in the City
3, Protect Key location within the City
4, Launch Counter Strikes against ISIL outside the City
Load out / Weapons
US-SF (Call Sign “Ranger 22”) x 10 – Modern US Camo (AOR1/2 – MARSOC – US Desert-ACU etc) Helmets Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Patrol Packs for all Equipment (You will be carrying everything in with you)
Iraqi Forces Call Sign “Tech 14”) x 25 Mixture of any Camo /Plate Carrier or Chest Rig, Any Head Gear (You will be carrying everything in with you)
Local Iraqi Police x 5 - Grey tops & Bottoms Red Beret with Green Chest Rigs Only, No US Equipment!!! (AK Variant Only )
M16 / M4 Variants / Sniper Rifles / DMR /SR25 / 249's (No AK Variants)
ISIL / Local Forces
ISIL x 20
Unfriendly Locals x 20
ISIL Forces
1, Breach the City
2, Destroy Key Locations
3, Capture US Forces
4, Establish a foothold in the City
5, Recruit Local forces
Unfriendly Locals
1, Go about your Daily Business
2, Arm yourself against attack from ISIL or Iraqi Forces
3, Defend your City or join ISIL and destroy it
ISIL Forces x 20 – Dressed all Black, Black Balaclavas, Chest Rigs ONLY
Unfriendly Population x 20 - Mixture of Black / White or Tan Bottoms, Long Civil White or Coloured Shirts / Pakol Hats or Black & White Head Scarf's, Chest Rigs & Side Bags Only (No Plate Carriers OR Belt Kits),
Variant of AK / AKM / Sniper / G3 / WW2 Weapons (NO M4 Variants Allowed)
This Scenario will be based in Compounded Areas of Sim-Tac Airsoft, Detailed Maps will be posted in each Group
All Factions will Operate a 3 man Respawn Rule from your FOBs
Medic Rules will be Posted in Groups
Ammunition Limits
Assault Rifles / SMG's 600 rds
Support Weapon 2000 rds
Sniper 100 rds
Anti-Tank / Bunker Busters 3 Shots Per Reload
• All players are expected to have read and understood the game rules
• Age limit – Over 13s
• Mid-caps only
• Players must wear the uniform appropriate to their faction.
• Pre-registration is required. You will not be able to turn up on the day!
Booking & Payment
Booking Opens Monday 5TH February 2018 @ 1pm..
You can Book your Place with Jonathan on 086-4118610 or (PayPal),
Its €41.75 inc PayPal Fees
This Will be on a First Com first Bases……
Tickets are Prices @ €40, Includes Combat Patch (if Paying Via PayPal You'll need to pay their Fees, its €1.75 per €40 sent)