Future Sounds presents Monkey Brothers

vendredi 19 de 22h00 à 3h00

Fuseau horaire : Bangkok (GMT+07:00)

Whiteline, Si Lom 8
10500 Bangkok
We are happy to present you the new series of events with the international and famous musicians, who will have a debut in Bangkok.
--- LINE-UP ---
Dj Nastanet
Boris Rubin
Monkey Brothers
--- DETAILS ---
350 THB + 1 drink
The first and 10th guest, will receive gift certificates for a flight at the Flyboard Club
10.00 PM - 3.00 AM
Monkey Brothers.
His productions have a characteristic attitude, a mix of obscure textures and deep bases
designed for the Dancefloor. Structured and groovy sounds blend with Techno and house
After their first release in 2008 for REGULAR Label , Monkey Brothers performed Live Sets in
several important clubs around Europe.
Monkey Brothers also had releases with REGULAR, Hidden Recordings, Catalityc, with remixes
from AlexKid, Pier Bucci, Pablo Bolivar, Darren Price and Daniel Dreier.
In 2012, they created PARALLEL Label, signing their own releases, and other artists:
Pablo Bolivar, Omer Grinker, Alejandro Vivanco, Mecanica ....
2008 “Panico Escenico” EP (Regular) Minimal sounds of Techno.
2009 “ Signos” EP (Regular) Remix of Deepak Sharma.
2009 “ Manuela” (Hidden Recordings)
2010 “The End of the Day” 12" (Regular). Remix Darren Price and Pier Bucci
2011 ”Somebody” EP (Catalytic). Remix Alex Kid
2011 “Trains” EP (Regular). Remix Alland Byallo and Daniel Dreier & RifRaf
2012 "The Great Opposite" 12". Remixes by Alejandro Vivanco and Pablo Bolivar
2013 Ëlectronic Caffe¨(Parallel)
2014: Golden Fish¨(Parallel)
2014:Once upon a time (Parallel)
2015: The singing Bone (Parallel)
2015: Facades (Parallel)
2016: Alone (Parallel)
2016: Where Angels Rest (Fingers Crossed)
2009 “Looking for a shape” with Pablo Bolivar (Remix Monkey Brothers)
2009 “Criminal” Citizen Kain & Jaumetic ( Remix Monkey Brothers)
2010 SBN feat Frederique Bajart – Ilusao for Catalytic (Remix Monkey Brothers )
2010 Bright Place Remix for Human Resources. ( Remix Monkey Brothers )
2012 ¨North¨(Mathias Korr) Society 3.0
2013 ¨Kick it¨ (Gimmick records)
2013 ¨Under Water¨12” Omer Grinker (Parallel)
2013 ¨Seven Suns¨DAR
🔈 www.soundcloud.com/monkey-brothers
"I'm simply enjoying it" – is Boris Rubin's answer when questioned why he started DJing and you can definitely feel it when you're listening to his track selection. He's not a DJ who’s producing his own tracks or a Producer who’s DJing. Simply, he’s a guy who fell in love with Electronic Music many years ago and who likes to share his passion with his friends, fans and family. His music ranges from dark tunes that dive deep to occasionally tropical, funny, summer anthems.
Starting his journey with “Guerilla All stars and “Schiesspistolenclub” back in Hannover (Germany), it only took a short time for his name to carry weight in the German club scene. He’s already played gigs across Deutschland together with artists including: Barem, Konrad Black, Jamy Wing, Wighnomy Brothers, Josh Wnk, Miss Fitz, Till von Sein, Chris Lattner, Gorge and many more.
🔈 https://soundcloud.com/boris_rubin
DJ Nastanet – aka Anastasia Rudachenko – graduated from the Piano Department of a Music School. She has the diploma “Ballet dancer - Bachelor of Arts”. She's also graduated from the Moscow School “Audio” under Funk D’Void, Tom Craft, etc. A participant on projects including: KaZantip Festival (Popovka UA), Barbarella Club (Moscow), Gagarin Project (Moscow), Glow (Bangkok), Safe Room (Bangkok), Nest (Bangkok), Sapphire Club (Bangkok), Thai Lounge (Pattaya) and many others, she’s now living and working in Bangkok.
With over 10 years’ experience DJing, Anastasia has a clear vision of the World Club Music scene and while enjoying a cultivated taste, she monitors fashionable music trends that will be exhibited before you on the night!
🔈 https://soundcloud.com/dj-nastanet
Source: www.facebook.com