Saturday "work" session: kanban

sam. 20 janvier à 18:30

Outpost Game Center
1000 Brussels

Kanban is one of the many management techniques used to reach operational excellence. It is the japanese term for "billboard" (basically: visualisation). But it is also a board game that mimics the dynamics of a car production site. You are new from school and are "welcomed" by your future supervisor, Sandra. She incentivises you to build up your skills in the organisation as fast as possible by on the job training. You'll be deployed in all the departments
- design: how to build the best car with the best car parts
- logistics: ordering in car parts so they are available just in time
- assembly: where the cars are assembled
- testing: where the assembled cars are tested and can be picked of the line for further tinkering in your personal work shop / garage
- innovation: where the car parts can be improved

You'll be regularly be assessed against the weekly and end goals, but also on a daily basis by Sandra. At such assessments, you'll be able to brag about your accomplishments; that is... if you have any.

And yes, it is only you: you have one worker to go from department to department and keep all the balls up in the air, while keeping the different short and long term goals in mind.

Yes, it is a brain burner, even if the board gives a lot of hints.
Yes, the complexity score on BGG is 4.31 / 5, but the game appraisal is 7.8 / 10 (by over 3k persons).
No, there is no single strategy to win. You'll have to figure it out yourself, with all those win conditions.
Yes, it is about work... in the weekend. Who is crazy enough to want that? IF YOU HAVE OVERCOME THOSE OBSTACLES, join this table. If possible, already have a look at there rules.

- Rulebook (not really easy to understand, but I have to add it to be complete)
Kanban Automotive Revolution - English rulebook:

- Video with the basic mechanics, not all the rules (Ryan Metzler) - Video with the basic mechanics, not all the rules (Game Rules!)

- Playthrough by Rahdo (as always a bit chaotic, but quite understandable)

- 3 page player aid

- play through list :

There is also a lot more to be found on BGG, but I have to sift through that myself. If you want to help search for that really clear explanation: