Pre-No Work! All Play! - Port Royal

mer. 17 janvier à 18:15

Outpost Game Center
1000 Brussels

• What we'll do
A fun little card game in which you draw cards into your harbour and choose which ones you take (ships, that give you money) or buy (other cards, that give you advantages and victory points) and which you leave in the harbour so that the other players might buy them - and give you some money for them, as they come from your harbour... Collecting too much money is dangerous, as you might lose it to the tax!
When one player has at least twelve influence points — which are on both people and expedition cards — the game is played to the end of the round, giving everyone the same number of turns, then the player with the most influence points wins (and that does not have to be the one who triggered the end of the game, if the others play out their last move effectively!).

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