Afterwork Session: Marco Polo (and with it's new expansion)

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lun. 15 janvier à 19:00/strike>

Outpost Game Center
1000 Brussels

Let's play The Voyages of Marco Polo! And this time, I will bring it's new expansion : Agents of Venice.

"In The Voyages of Marco Polo, The players embody one of the companions traveling with the famous explorer Marco Polo. Each player attempts to collect victory points by means of completed contracts and visiting lucrative cities. A completed contract also gives the player further benefits, and in the cities he had visited, he can use the privileges available there. Moreover, the players can complete secret objectives to earn additional victory points during the final scoring. The game is played with players take their turns one after the other in clockwise order, over several rounds. On each turn, the players roll their dice, and then place these dice on action areas on the game board in order to take various actions. They take turns until all of their dice have been used, which signals the end of a round. The game consists of 5 rounds, and ends with a short final scoring."

"Your journey continues in Agents of Venice, the first expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo! The two modules found in this box can be played on their own with the base game or together for the ultimate Marco Polo experience, but no matter how you play, new adventures await. Return to Marco Polo's hometown of Venice and gain access to the city's many famous bazaars or use the companions you have met during your travels to give yourself a quick boost. With new contracts, cards, five new characters, and components to add a fifth player to the game, it's time to begin a new voyage!"

I will bring the base game with the expansion, but we might not play the expansion, if we are too few, or if there no experienced Marco Polo players.

Marco Polo on BGG :
And it's expansion :