Sooraksan 수락산 Wonderful Rock Formation
Seoul Hiking & Nature Group

dimanche 21 de 10h00 à 17h00

Fuseau horaire : Seoul (GMT+09:00)

4호선 당고개역ㅡ.ㅡ
South Korea
Hi~! all!
We will hike Soorakasan one of 4 most beautiful mountains in and near Seoul!
As you can imagine from the names of the some of rocks, it's just so amazing to find interesting shapes of rock formation!
Helmet rock, backpack rock, tank rock, elephant rock, eagle rock, skirt rock and penis rock,...
And especially on our descending, the famous train rock(30 meter steep rock,it can ascend or descend with the help of giant ropes, also there is a detour trail for the fainted heart) let you test how brave you are. don't worry, while you are descending the rock with two hands holding ropes, some ajumma(old lady) will descend without help of rope as if she walk on the flat!
Please, come and enjoy hiking sunday in seoul!
We start hiking southern part and cross all the ridges to the northern part.
- The total hiking would 10~12km/5hour~7hour (it depends how much we enjoy the view along the peaks depending on weather)
- couple of peaks up and down, some part would be steep, however the trails are clear enough to follow and well-arranged with ropes and poles.
- how to hike in a group , how to enjoy hiking will be briefed on the day
Why winter hike is the must-thing to do!
10 reasons why winter hike is the best, what to prepare~
Meeting at 950AM, Danggogae station(당고개역),line4,exit1, end of line4
leave sharply at 10AM, so come early to say hello,buy some snacks,grab coffee~
finish around 3PM~5PM at Hoeryong station(end of line7) or Suraksan station(수락산역) depending on pace on the day.
more about Suraksan!
Along with the other great mountains near Seoul, Suraksan Mountain has its own unique beauty throughout the year. Its cluster of small peaks is reminiscent of Seorak or Wolchul mountains and among its valleys and peaks, a number of treasures unfold. As you explore the mountain and the surrounding area, you’ll discover Geunnyu, Eunnyu, and Ongnyu waterfalls, Heungguksa Temple (Silla Kingdom), Seongnimsa Temples (Joseon Dynasty), and Gwesanjeong Pavillion.
One of the most popular hiking courses on Suraksan Mt. is the one that starts from Danggogae Station (Subway Line 4) and passes Hangnimsa Temple and Yongguram. In the springtime, the ridge between Suraksan Mt. and Buramsan Mt. is covered with gorgeous royal azalea blossoms.
Suraksan Mountain is located on the border of Seoul, Eujeongbu-si and Byeolnae-myeon, Namyangju-si. Buramsan Mountain is located to the south of Suraksan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain rises up to the west. Suraksan Mountain is easily accessible via public transportation and is a popular daytrip for residents of Seoul.
[♣ How to join]
1) Fee 5,000won for anyone
- this 5000won can be used as a trip voucher. anyone who join future weekend trip which needs to charter a bus , book accomodation,
- this 5000won also can be transferable to your friends.(give it as a gift) Jan14Baekundae+Your name is the code of the voucher
- please prepare 5,000won in cash only on the day! Thank you so much!
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2) Must RSVP 'yes' to this event.
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♥ More about hiking and group
Let's walk and hike up some mountains and other nice places in and around Seoul.
Not only will you gain physical benefits from hiking, but you will be able to enjoy beautiful views, discover the real Seoul, meet new and friendly people, and you will discover that you can be happier~!
Not only will you benefit your body, but your mind as well.
- See the real world closely.
- Breathe naturally and relaxing on your mind.
- Gain a balance of your body and mind.
- Ready for peaceful soul
Walking has many diverse advantages towards your emotions and imagination as well as to your mind. Most people only think about the physical benefits of walking and running. However, we need to walk in order to rid ourselves of stress, gain peace of mind, and be able to see the real society closely. Walking is the best way to gain balance in life. Drinking can easily relax you, but that can fade quickly. Walking is a kind of way to meditate and finding yourself.
- There are diverse way to enjoy walking.
Walk the road that you have never walked before.
Walk the road that you walk almost every day.
Walk the road that you've walked a long time ago, so that you feel at ease.
Walk the road that is not crowded, such as a field at rural cities.
Walk the road that is very crowded and see unexpected and diverse things.
Walk the road in the mountains, so that you can experience the effects of elevations,wonderful fresh air,gorgeous trees,forest,flowers,leaves,birds,stones.
Walk long or short distances.
Walk fast or leisurely.
Walk wide roads together with friends and enjoy talking.
Walk narrow paths alone.
We are all human travelers in this same space and time of our lives~!