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E7 Training

Du 19/01/2018 09h00 au 16/02/2018 13h00

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E7 Training
House # 18 (2nd floor), Road # 2, Mohammadia Housing Society, Mohammadpur
1207 Dhaka
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Course outcome:
Class 01
Accounting Part
1. Creating Company
2. Basic Accounting (Type of Accounts, Ledger, Debit, Credit)
3. Ledger Creation, Edit & Delete
4. Accounts Type or Group Creation
5. Recording Transactions: Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher, Contra Voucher, Journal Voucher
6. Voucher Edit and Delete
7. Profit and Loss Ac. And Income & Expenditure Statement
Class 02
Inventory (Stock) Activation
Stock Group Creation
Units of Measure creation (Pcs, Kgs, Ltr etc)
Stock Item Creation
Recording Purchase (Cash and Credit Purchase)
Stock Summary
Multi currency (Dollar, Taka, Pound etc.) (practice in sales invoice)
Interest calculation
VAT, Discount, Commission in Voucher/Invoice
Sales: VAT, Discount in Sales Invoice
Class 03
Godown / Location
Stock Summary with Godown/Store
Discount Column in Invoice (Trade Discount)
Allow Invoicing (difference between Invoice and Voucher, Accounting Invoice)
Debit Note & Credit Note (Purchase Return, Sales Return etc.)
Class 04
Bill-wise Details (bill by bill transaction)
Cost Center (Revenue Center, Profit Center)
Bank Reconciliation
Cheque Register
Class 05
Sales Order Processing
Goods Delivery/ Dispatch Note (GDN)/Challan
Consumption Voucher
Production Voucher
Class 06
Group Companies
Comparative Statement
Duties and Taxes, TDS
Class 07
Practical Project 01
Class 08
Practical Project 02
Report Section
Day Book
Cash Book
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss A/c
Balance Sheet
Stock Summary (In –Out – Balance)
Sales Register
Purchase Register
Receipt Payment Statement
Cash Flow and Fund Flow
Group Summary and Group Voucher
**Course Fee: 6000/-(Six Thousand BDT Only)
Contact :
E7 Training
Call: 01716-072472
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