Use risk analysis to support decision-making - Open Session -
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Hello Future Data Scientists,

Let's discuss

Chapter 5: How to use risk analysis to support decision-making

Foundations of Risk Analysis, 2nd Edition Terje Aven (

( )

Some free lectures by Professor Terje Aven.

Who we are?

The Open Data Science School Paris is a 'co-learning community' about data science. Feel free to come to co-learn with us and to share your knowledge. You may have your own projects. [what is co-learning? think about co-working spaces... but about learning... or the evolution of a traditional 'book club']

A good example of a 'learning community' is the Advanced-Machine-Learning-Study-Group at Berlin.

If there is something like this in Berlin, why not in Paris? Think about it and let's make this happen!

What are Learning Circles?

"Learning Circles are lightly-facilitated study groups for learners who want to take online courses together, in-person. Learning Circles are peer supported, facilitated by non-content experts, hosted in publicly accessible spaces, designed to be taken with few prerequisites, and free for learners. You can think of Learning Circles like a book group for learning." [from: ]

Self-learning Science?

Check this list of autodidact scientists to convince yourself that, yes, you too can become a self-learner!

Among them: Charles Darwin (, Daniel Dennett (, Michael Faraday (, Buckminster Fuller (, Benjamin Franklin (, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (, Walter Pitts ( , etc, etc...

Finally, I'd like to share with you this quotation:

"Adult learning is more than alternative education, self-help, self-study, or training. Self-directed inquiry can free you from the cultural traps of today’s postmodern world. When you think for yourself, you take control of your life. Intellectual ability and critical thinking soon become substitutes for paper credentials. You'll enjoy a higher quality of life, make smarter career choices, and begin to see ways to better our society. Simply stated aggressive learning is the most practical guide to a passionately rewarding life." Charles D. Hayes ( ( )

Yours sincerely,

Tito Karl M.