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Moscow Language Exchange

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dim. 14/01/2018 de 18h00 à 23h30/strike>

Hard Rock Cafe Moscow
Stary Arbat, 44. Moscow, Russia
119002 Moscow
Welcome to the FREE Moscow Language Exchange Meeting.
A big group of +300 friends who meet each week for good company, good conversation and improvement of language skills while having a drink. You can join active groups for English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and more..!
When and where?
We meet every Sunday afternoon, from 6pm till around 11/11.30pm at “HARD ROCK CAFE MOSCOW”, the nearest metro station is Smolenskaya (line 3). Below you will find the instructions on how to get there.
How does it work?
We organize the place with cocktail tables. Each group of tables has a flag. If you are interested in practicing that language, you should sit there, and the natives will go there to practice with you. We have a board games area, check the information below.
Board games area, sponsored by Mosigra
The guys at Mosigra are so awesome that they have decided to bring us games to play during the meetings, yes, for free. They will come from time to time to teach us and to bring and explain new games. We have five big tables for games (each table handles 8-10 people) and one big table to play MAFIA in English.
IMPORTANT: To sit on the “board games area” you need to have a drink in your hands, only people who have bought a drink can join the games. When people play they forget about drinking, and we need to understand that we are at a bar that needs money to survive, they are giving us a great place to enjoy the meeting, therefore be nice and get a drink before your game, help the meeting to survive.
Eating area
We've got some tables that are only for eating. Since we meet during dinner time, many people decide to join and have their dinner together, and for that, Hard Rock Cafe does 10% discount in all food of their menu.
About paying…
Our tables don't have waiter service. We have asked for this as we think it is better for all of us if we go to the bar to get and pay our drinks on the go. This way there are no problems of unpaid bills. We are sure you understand.
Special discounts on drinks...
The guys from «HARD ROCK CAFE MOSCOW» are offering special rates for us, they are so awesome! Since they change from time to time, we recommend you to check the info we set on the tables of all the floor.
How to get to the bar? Easy.
1) Get out of the metro train on Smolenskaya (line 3) Metro Station and go outside.
2) When you are outside you need to go to your right and walk until you get to Ulitsa Arbat street.
3) Walk straight until you see on your left a big building with “HARD ROCK CAFE” flag.
4) Enter the building through the main door and ask for “MoscowLEM” or “Moscow Language Exchange Meeting” and they will tell you what floor to go.
Metro: SMOLENSKAYA (line 3)
Time: 18:00 till 23:30h
Address: Ulitsa Arbat 44, 119002 Moscow
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