Bigmic Music Open Mic hosted by Thomas Albert
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Du 15/01/2018 20h30 au 12/03/2018 22h00

Fuseau horaire : Kolkata (GMT+05:00)

Ground Floor, Prabhat Kunj, 24th Road, Off Linking Road
400050 Mumbai
Great news! The HIVE's The Big Mic platform is coming to Gostana. India's longest running open mic is committed to showcase new and alternative talent across multiple performance arts.
Your host for tonight will be Thomas Albert!
Music on The Big Mic is all about giving original music a real, intimate platform. We love instrumentalists, freestyle vocalists (with or without accompaniment), percussionists, guitar soloists, rappers, classical purists, feel free to come up to the mic and perform.
Performers come regale us with your song, audience you don't to miss this night that's dedicated to the discovery of new music. You may just fall in love again!
Note: Original compositions only so please refrain from playing covers.
Available Gear:
- Two microphones/stands.
- Di Box.
*Do bring your own instruments.*
Ground Rules:
- Every performer will get 10 minutes of stage time (2 songs per person).
- Strictly no backing tracks (unless you are an MC/Rapper performing original music). Performing acapella is welcome.
There's a cover of 100 rupees which gets you a tasty drink or snack at the bar and helps us keep both the open-mic scene and venue running.
First time on The Big Mic? For those who do not have a Big Mic profile, create it here: