2018 Sound Healing Manifestation
Dalia Yoga & Sound Healing

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mer. 17/01/2018 de 19h00 à 20h30/strike>

2299 Rue Du Souvenir
H3H1S3 Montreal
Come join us for this powerful sound healing manifestation meditation to start 2018 on a powerful note and start paving the path towards making your dreams a reality.
Sound healing is a very ancient healing tool used by eastern cultures for thousands of years that combines a variety of instruments and rituals to help tame the body, mind and spirit while assisting in finding inner peace. When we are sick or stressed our bodies become out of tune with its natural frequencies. According to numerous health studies, sound and vibration has a very powerful healing effect by raising the bodies vibration back to a perfect state of balance. When the body and mind is calm we allow the channel for healing to flow through and we are also able find the right answers to life's questions, create positive intentions and live more fulfilling lives.
-Tibetan Bowls, tingshas, gongs, rattles, chrystal pyramid, tuning forks, idopan drum in 432hz (healing vibration of the universe) and deep vocal vibrations.
- Vocal Vibrations.
-Chakra toning and clearing
-Heart Opening
Early Bird 25$ til Jan 15 9am
Regular Price 30$
Dalia has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her teacher training with Dr Madan Bali in 2014. She has since studied Himalayan Sound Healing, Shamanism through the the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Naada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) with the internationally renowned Gundesha Brothers and Sound Therapy with the Institute of Light Colour and Sound. Dalia has lead numerous yoga and sound healing sessions and retreats in around her home town of Montreal as well as on the international level in the US (Omega Center) and Mexico (Omni Hotel), Costa Rica (Posada Natura, Spa Holis). She also works extensively with her Guruji Dr Madan Bali co-leading various events and retreats. Her sessions incorporate therapeutic Yoga (Dr Bali Method, Nidra, Yin, Hatha), pranayama, guided visualization, meditation as well as various sound healing modules including: Tibetan bowls, tingshas, rattles, gongs, Chrystal pyramid, Idiopan drum in 432 hz (healing frequency of the earth) and deep vocal vibrations. Besides teaching Yoga, Dalia is also an actress who graduated from Concordia University's Professional Theatre program and a singer songwriter who is currently working on her 2nd mini album. This album is a spirit pop sound inspired by yoga, sound healing and transformation entitled Light Years Away. Come join her for a detoxifying full body experience while revitalizing your entire system and awakening your inner bliss.
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