An intriguing PATHFINDER (3.5 D&D) campaign in East Tokyo
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Ueno or Higashi-Mukojima, Tokyo

There is no permanent spot available now but if you are interested you can still e-mail DM Bear at the address in this notice. Occasionally we invite special guests for certain adventures.
On our facebook page "Pathfinder RPG Tokyo" we have reports and videos of our campaign, which is now approaching it's 50th session (that's about 350 hours of role-playing in total!!!).
Our campaign is set in Golarion and focused on intricate story-telling and realistic character development. Role-playing is rewarded above anything else so it isn't really just about simply creating a really powerful character.
The videos on the facebook page "Pathfinder RPG Tokyo" are made to remind us of complex storylines and also some of us enjoy watching them. If interested, perhaps "The King is Dead 1.3" and "More Than Meats the Eye 1:2" so you can see that this campaign is clearly focused on story-weaving and detailed characterization.
Sessions take place 5 minutes walk from Higashi-Mukojima train station (easily accessible on Hanzomon Line, to Hikifune) and sometimes in Ueno.
We play wwo times a month on Saturdays from about 12 noon until 7:30 p.m.
The DM meets the player before the game day near Asakusa Station to roll up a character and to try and ensure both parties are on the same page as to what they want to get out of the game.
Like I said, currently there are no permanent spots, but if you are still interested in joining occasionally please e-mail DM Bear at [masked]

DM Bear