Friendly Language Exchange ● Icebreaker ● Free entry ● All levels ★ TripMeeters™
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lun. 22 janvier à 19:00 — informations

Le Village

===★ TripMeeters™ CONCEPT ● HOW IT WORKS ★===

● Speak to anyone
● Change groups whenever you want
● Speak any languages
● Help with your native language
● Everybody is here to meet new people

===★ WHY IS IT AWESOME? ★===

● A friendly community who are keen to help with their native language
● Ambassadors will welcome you warmly
● Ask for Ambassadors to introduce you to other nice members
● Go and leave as you please
● All languages levels
● It’s happening every Monday
● Meet again on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the same bar
● Friendly atmosphere and super staff
● Friendly bar, cheap drinks and Happy hour until "00h" if you say you’re with "TripMeeters" ===★ WHO SHOULD GO? ★===

● If you like International atmosphere
● If you like meeting new open-minded people
● If you like bars
● If you are new
● If you want to make new friends
● If you want to share your knowledge and your culture

===★ PRICE ★===

● Free entry and you have to buy at least one drink out of politeness and support the venue

===★ VENUE ★===

● Happy hour until 00h! Say you’re with « TripMeeters »!
● Cheap drinks (Beer 3,90€, Cocktails 5,5€) ===★ EXTRA INFO ★===

● Discover 8+ Events each week - Save this link to know all our events

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● Instagram:

● We're looking for volunteers to help us out (Private Message StéFh)
● HELP SUPPORT YOUR MEETUP - Allow us to organize more events for practicing your languages - CHIP IN (

===★ ABOUT TripMeeters ★===

● TripMeeters is the #1 cultural and language exchange concept in bars, cafés and cultural activities all over the world.
● Heard on the French Radio / 120+ Nationalities / 20.000+ Members

#Remember to watch out for your personal belongings if you're in a public place.
#Remember that it's not a DATING event, I reserve the right to remove you from the group if someone complains.