English Speaking and Networking
YMCA Mongolia

Du 09/12/2017 13h00 au 30/12/2017 16h00

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YMCA Mongolia
Үндэсний цэцэрлэгт хүрээлэн Sunrise town 410байр 5 давхар Ulaanbaatar
14191-0009 Ulaanbaatar
English Speaking and Networking
YMCA Mongolia welcomes you to join our weekly “English Speaking Corner” where you will have chance to practice your English with native speakers and expand your networking. This weekend's main topic is personal development. You are encouraged to share your own opinion on success and inspirations
Every Saturday at 1pm
YMCA Coffee House
Fee: 4k (includes coffee and tea)
Phone: 8088-4430
Where: National Park, Sunrise Town, Apartment 410, 5th floor
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