**Forest Makers: Tigers, Elephants and Wild Cats**森を創り支えるトラ、ゾウ、ヤマネコ

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sam. 9 décembre à 08:30/strike>



運がつく!?ぞうUNペーパーでメッセージカードを作ろう♪~クリスマスカードや年賀状で幸UNを届けよう~ (English Below!)





参加費:1000円 (*参加される際は、お飲み物とパンをお買い上げ下さい。パンは、持ち帰りも可能です。パン・オ・スリールのパンは、白神山地の森の天然酵母を使っています。)予約は[masked] か 電話で受け取っています。ここのページに「参加する」とまた別にワークショップの予約が必要になります。

ゾウUNペーパーでのカード作りワークショップは12月9日に♪ 【主催】JTEF x Fairwood Partners x 森の酵母パン・オ・スリル




**Forest Makers: Tigers, Elephants and Wild Cats**

These three species in their respective areas tend to support the survival of a healthy forest ecosystem. This event will showcase beautiful artwork by Toyomi Tanaka and the sales of all merchandise and art will help support the conservation activities of JTEF. A special workshop will be held using Elephant paper to make Christmas cards and Lucky charms! ♪Join us!♪

【Workshop】Dec9, 2017 (Sunday)Make a Little Luck! Use Elephant Paper to make a lucky charm or message card! Perfect for the Holiday Season and New Years!  1 Hour Workshops start from 4:30 PM, 5:30PM & 6:30PM

Perfect timing for the Holiday Season, enjoy the artwork while you make your own cards, support wildlife conservation and possibly buy your gifts all at the same place! Fairwood Partners hosts this special event as "The 4th Annual Fairwood Cafe" at this bread shop, to encourage people to learn about and use wood products to support sustainable forestry. The cute 'Pain au Sourire' shop is decorated with sustainable wood furniture and sells local goods as well. JTEF joins this special collaboration event for the first time so please come learn more about our activities!

【Exhibition Period】Dec 5 - 27, 2017 Hours 8 AM to 8 PM(Note: Shop Closed Every Sun & Mon)【Location】パン・オ・スリール Pain au Sourire 1-4-6 Shibuya (5 min walk from Shibuya station, 9 min walk from Omotesando Station)

【Hosts】JTEF x Fairwood Partners x Pain au Sourire

1,000¥ Fee & Please Buy a Drink and Bread from the shop in order to participate!

Make a reservation by emailing [masked] or Call JTEF directly. Clicking 'Attending' here on this event page does not automatically register you for the workshop!

【Partner's HP】




Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Tiger-and-Elephants/events/245530469/