StrongFit Seminar - New Zealand

Du 24/03/2018 09h00 au 25/03/2018 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Auckland (GMT+13:00)

CrossFit NZ
19 Thomas Peacock Place, St Johns
1072 Auckland
New Zealand
A two day seminar course balancing physical and theoretical training. The aim is to learn and experience first-hand each key principle, practice and philosophy underpinning Julien's unique and radical training methodology.
Covering everything you'll need to know about analysing weaknesses, finding your key-log and training for both general health, through to elite performance; you'll get up close and personal with Julien's favourite training tools (yokes, sleds, ropes, prowlers and sandbags) and learn how best to use them in your own training and when coaching others.