Free talks about Sri Yantra Blessings by facilitator Deron Ling
Crystals Qi New AGE Healing

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mer. 15/11/2017 de 19h30 à 21h00/strike>

Crystals Qi New AGE Healing
42 Kandahar Street
198896 Singapore
Free talks about Sri Yantra Blessings by facilitator Deron Ling (DHM)
-Inner pooja and outer pooja.
-how this ancient ritual technology works for us in manifesting our prayers and hopes.
-a brief understanding of the Sri Yantra and it’s functions in healing and spirituality. This is important as this divine geometry is so much used in our new age system.
-question and answers
We are having this Free talk to help you understand this pooja event which will be happening on the 7th Dec 2017 starts at 7pm.
Please take note: This pooja organised by Qi New Age & Healing is meant for our regular students,customers and friends of Qi New Age & Healing who have been giving us your great support ,trust and love all these years.
As a gesture of sincere gratitude we are organising this Sri Yantra pooja to thank and bless all our friends and supporters for the year end and welcoming of the new Dog year 2018.
However we are extending this invitation out to public as we still have some limited space left for those who have this affinity with the goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari (The goddess who is the beauty of the three worlds) to join us. We will not accept anymore participants once the space are filled as we want to create a comfortable sacred space for meditation and concentration. Thank you all.
Lay Lee
Qi New Age & Healing