Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Jade Wood
Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Du 19/11/2017 13h30 au 27/11/2017 17h00

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Eco Yoga Sanctuary
Eco Yoga Sanctuary, The Village Mall, Jumeirah 1
United Arab Emirates
Jade specialises in teaching Yin Yoga and body-honouring movement and offers touch-sensitive healing. She offers these practices to help people rediscover their mind-body connections and reclaim a sense of spaciousness.
Here are the following therapies Jade will be offering especially for us:
**Rejuvenating Cranio-Facial Massage with Organic Essential Oils:
This unique treatment combines uplifting acupressure face and head massage, with ear reflexology, lymphatic drainage and blissful craniosacral holds. Using a powerful blend of healing oils of rose geranium, frankincense, rosemary and rosehip this facial promotes skin regeneration, improves circulation, helps to smooth away stress lines and leaves you with a radiant and youthful glow. Going deeper than the skin the cranial connection with your central nervous system will invite a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Great for releasing commonly held tension in the shoulders and jaw.
**Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy:
This hands-on therapy connects you to your deep tides of health through light touch that invites healing from the inside. It is truly holistic, honouring the state of your mind and supporting the vitality of your entire being. It helps to treat a broad spectrum of conditions including pain, stress, headaches, sleep disorders and emotional imbalances and is very relaxing to receive. You will be fully clothed and Jade will gently hold areas of your body to encourage the release of any trapped forces by listening and guiding your felt sense of awareness. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and energetics brings into balance an energetic therapy that is deeply rooted in your body’s natural capacity to heal itself.
**Abdominal Chi Massage:
This specialist treatment works with your essential reserves of energy held in your belly (or Hara) and brings in Jade’s skills of Craniosacral therapy combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Ne Tsang blended into a very gentle yet deep massage with warm coconut oil. This is a nurturing and very personal experience suitable for men or women. Receiving abdominal massage can encourage proper peristalsis of the gut, improve muscular tone, regulate respiratory and hormonal functions and reduce cramping, it can aid in organ detoxification, improve elimination and also help to release stagnant emotions. As this is an area rarely touched it is recommended to take a few sessions to receive the full benefits.
A special package of 3 sessions can be purchase to be received within the space of 10-14 days.
**It is required that you do not have food for 3 hours prior to this particular session.
There are limited spots. To book please call 04 3856633 / 056 7711336 or email
Therapies are only confirmed with full payment. Thank you!