Beer Pong Tournament in Valhalla (November edition)
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jeu. 16/11/2017 de 20h00 à 23h00/strike>

Valhalla Bar /DSB - De Studerendes Bar Horsens/
Ameliagade 12
8700 Horsens
Hello, lovely people! Next Thursday 16.11.17 at 20:00 we will make the monthly beer pong tournament edition for November.
We will have again 16 teams with 2 people in each team.
Read below for detailed information :)
1) Tickets:
• Contact Student’s bar page!
• 60 KR per team (or 30 KR per person).
• Mobile pay (include team name + beer pong) or cash.
• Ticket sales in the canteen during the lunch break starts on Monday 06.11
• Tickets can be bought in the bar on Thursday 9.11 and Friday 10.11
• NOTE! When registering you need to choose a team name.
2) Prizes:
1st place:
• 2 beers per person every week until defeated or end of the semester.
• Team photo on the Wall of Fame as Valhalla Beer Pong Champions.
3) Rules:
• Each game has a duration of 30 minutes. If after these 30 minutes the game isn’t over, the team which has more cups left from their side wins.
• The cup arrangement is 3/2/1 and beers are provided.
• Bounced ball can be canceled by the other team.
• 1 cup rearrangement per game is allowed.
• If somehow the ball returns to the team which threw it, they have another shot.
• If a cup is spilled by a ball, the team which threw it have to drink one of their cups.
• When throwing a ball, your elbow should not cross the edge of the table, otherwise, the turn is dismissed.
• Drink the whole beer in the cup and then shoot.
• If both teams have 1 cup left and they both manage to hit the opposite cup in a row the turn has to be replayed (until one of the teams hit a cup and the other misses)
Please be in the bar 30 minutes before the start of the tournament so that we can register you :)
See you there!