Ana, mon amour
Cork Film Festival

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mer. 15/11/2017 de 20h30 à 22h37/strike>

The Gate Multiplex
North Main Street
Romance | Mental Health | Europe | Drama | Faith
Toma (Mircea Postelnicu) and Ana (Diana Cavallioti) meet at university, and it seems their destiny is set when Ana is inexplicably overwhelmed by a panic attack, and Toma considerately looks out for her. The relationship develops over years, though Ana is haunted by a complicated family background and her meltdowns become increasingly frequent. Toma looks to support her, accompanying her to see doctors and suggesting a variety of psychological cures, though he feels his patience is being tested. Călin Peter Netzer follow up to the award-winning Child’s Pose is the story of a precious love affair which audaciously seeks to highlight issues of mental health.
Director: Calin Peter Netzer
Producer(s): Calin Peter Netzer, Oana Kelemen
Screenwriter(s): Calin Peter Netzer, Iulia Lumanare, Cezar Paul Badescu
Main Cast: Mircea Postelnicu, Diana Cavallioti
Country: Romania, Germany, France
Languages: Romanian (Subtitled)
Colour: Colour
Duration: 127 minutes
Tickets: €10.00 / €8.50 Concession
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