Most Beautiful Island - Cork Film Festival 2017
Cork Film Festival

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ven. 17/11/2017 de 22h30 à 0h00/strike>

Triskel Arts Centre
Tobin Street
Ana Asensio’s feature debut chronicles one bizarre and ultimately harrowing day in the life of Luciana, an undocumented Spanish immigrant struggling to make ends meet in New York City. When a friend offers Luciana (director Asensio) an opportunity to make an easy $2,000, she readily accepts. But, of course, nothing is as simple as it seems and the young woman inadvertently becomes a participant in a cruel game where people are twisted and broken for perverse thrills. Shot on Super 16 film stock for a gritty visual aesthetic, Most Beautiful Island is both a sobering drama and a psychological thriller.
Director: Ana Asensio
Producers: Ana Asensio, Larry Fessenden, Noah Greenberg
Screenwriters: Ana Asensio
Main Cast: Ana Asensio, Natasha Romanova, David Little
Country: USA
Languages: English
Colour: English
Duration: 80 minutes
Tickets: €10.00 / €8.50 Concession