Kemetic Yoga 5 week series with Kassandra
Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness

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Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness
5145 Decarie Blvd. Suite 100
H3W 3C2 Montreal
KEMETIC YOGA 5 week series
Saturdays 10:00am - 11:00am
Nov. 18th - Dec. 16th
Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness
5145, Boulevard Decarie, Suite 100 (Snowdon Metro)
$80 for the full 5 week series
*Advanced registration and payment is required*
Register online here:
or email: to make other arrangements
Kemetic Yoga or Smai Tawi, as it was originally known, is the Ancient Egyptian system of healing and spiritual elevation practiced and documented many years before other systems developed.
By the end of this series, you will be able to correctly execute the postures and flow sequences, using the principles of geometric alignment, the rule of 4 breathing and honoring the spiritual significance of the practice. This course will give you a solid foundation to allow you to continue growing in your individual practice.
Thousands of years before what we know of as modern-day Yoga surfaced in India, this healing science was being practiced in Africa by our Kemetic Ancestors. Kemet, meaning the Black land, is the original name for the region we know of today as Egypt. The practice of Yoga moved out of the Nile Valley into the Indus Valley through the Dravidians, an advanced civilization of African people.
Through the practice of Kemetic Yoga, one achieves many physical benefits, such as strengthening, stretching and toning the muscles, increasing flexibility throughout the body, improving blood and lymph circulation, stimulating all the organs of the body, strengthening the immune system and restructuring and aligning the skeletal system.
Mentally, the practice of Kemetic Yoga helps you to develop concentration, control your thoughts (rid yourself of negative thought patterns), increase your ability to learn and improve decision-making skills.
Emotionally, the practice of Kemetic Yoga helps eliminate stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, self-doubt and negativity.
Energetically, Kemetic Yoga will remove blockages from the energy channels in the body and will increase the level and intensity of energy (life force) flowing through the body, bringing profound healing and regeneration.
The deeper purpose of the practice is to connect to your true self, find harmony and elevate your vibration.
Learn about how our ancestors purified and harmonized mind, body and soul to more closely reflect the divine. Take a journey towards self-healing, self-knowledge, growth, transformation and self-actualization through this ancient practice.
About the Instructor:
Kassandra Kernisan is a CYT-RYT-200 Certified Kemetic Yoga instructor. After years of practicing yoga and never really finding her comfort zone or niche, the discovery of Kemetic Yoga really connected her to the practice and inspired her to share the ancient Kemetic knowledge of revitalization, rejuvenation and balance through breath, movement and meditation. Certified by Master Yirser Ra Hotep at the YogaSkills school of Kemetic Yoga at the beginning of 2015, she is the founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness, a vibrant and welcoming studio in the CDN/NDG area of Montreal. Kassandra is also a certified Naturopath, Health Empowerment Coach and Speaker and creator of a line of 100% cosmetics line called Herb 'n Beauty (formerly Pure VIolet Natural Cosemetics) which includes herb-infused skincare, haircare, aromatherapy and healing herb tea blends.