Light Language & DNA activations cu Anca si Alexandra
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sam. 18/11/2017 de 14h00 à 17h00/strike>

Bucarest, Romania
Light Language is an ancient communication system, a universal and healing one, that has been used in our home galaxies and stellar systems. It's returning in these times to remind us of who we are...It is destined to assist in changing our DNA, while our living paradigm changes, and it offers a balancing of frequencies and vibrations in order to heal our light body and to activate inner resources that will help each of us in following our soul's mission.
While listening to these stellar codes, that are channeled in various dialects and frequencies, your being will recognize the deep information, because all these codes speak directly to our heart and soul.
Light Language comes forth more at this time because it is a powerful catalyst for the Ascension of humanity.
Light Language sessions can lead to experimentation:
* Healing and DNA activation
* Bypass the limitations of the mental mind
* Emotional, physical, mental healing
* The release of repressed emotions
* Releasing blockages from structures
* Deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection, clarity and Love
* Direct and profound connection with the intuition and the Higher Self
* Support for adapting to the new energies of the earth
* The state of expansion of consciousness and the discovery of inner gifts
* Genuine feelings of homecoming and meeting with the galactic family
* Messages from the beings of Light
Your guidance:
Alexandra – Light Language channeler and healer (
Facilitator Feminine empowerment and womb healing: Alexandra is dedicated in supporting and guiding women from 2014 to awakening and healing the hearts and sacred womb, connecting to their soul essence and returning to the Divine Feminine.
Therapist Divine Alignment of the Spine
Contact details:, phone: 0722584700
Anca Botez is a light worker specialized in Divine Light Therapy, Reiki & Bach Therapy. She reconnected in Bali with her divine gifts as a Priestess and since then, she assists people with cellular healing, DNA activations and to connect with their divine, inner Self. She is guided by Angles, Archangels and by Galactic Councils. Anca graduated from MCNY with an MBA degree in GM and holds a Neuro-Linguistic Programing Certification (NLP). A former General Manager for an American IT Company, Anca teaches now Mindfulness and Wellbeing in schools and social centers, following her heart calling.
Contact details:, phone 0741 040 030
YOUR INVESTMENT ❤️100 ron, please contact Anca & Alexandra for confirmations ❤️