Shine Your Light Series
The Bent Willow

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sam. 18/11/2017 de 13h00 à 16h00/strike>

The Bent Willow
54 Simcoe St. N
L1G 4S1 Oshawa
Shine Your Light Series - ReAwakening your Spirituality
with Milana
Milana will be sharing her knowledge, experience, and messages from Universe/Guides around Spirituality, re-Awakening and Intuitive/Holistic practices.
This exploration and learning workshop series will be done through conversations, channeling, education, and Q&A in the environment of safety, love, acceptance and abscense of judgement.
Although most of the information shared will be channeled based on needs of individuals present in each particular session, some of the topics of interes that will be touch upon are as follows:
- What is Spirituality/Awakening?
- What does it look/feel like and how to practice it?
- What is our life purpose?
- Why pain, death, illeness, suffering and how to release it?
- Remembering who we are - forgivenessand shiftiing into love.
- Remembering our origin.
- Why memory problems and feeling of running out of time?
- And so much more! ♥
If you have been feeling as if there must be something more to life;
if you have been doing everythng "right" yet feeling dissatisfied with your life;
if you are tired of feeling angry, depressed, sad, anxious and want to make changes in your life, but don't know how;
if you have been feeling that you need to do something, but just don't know what;
if you have erining to "find your tribe" and/or connect with those who will "get you" then this is the right place for you.
We hope to see you there. Come and shift into a higher vibration!
Help spread the love by inviting those you feel may benefit from these sessions.
Please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier, so that we may start at exactly 1pm.
* - There will be no refunds for no show.
** - The facilitator has some enviromental allergies that may be triggered by smell. This workshop is parfume/strong oil scent free. Thank you.