Pursuit of acid

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

sam. 18/11/2017 de 21h00 à 4h00/strike>

Auróra utca 11
1084 Budapest
A night to celebrate dark acid
Line -up :
Nusay (EDR/FR) : From punchy techno to drilling melodies, Nusay’s music is the result of years spent in some of the world’s electronic scene top spots: Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Manchester. Record digger and composer, he aims to make any of his sets a mindtrip for the raver.
CRB (EDR/FR) : From dark to industrial, CRB bring a touch of darkness to Techno. He aims to bring you in the stories he make after days of digging. Close your eyes and enjoy, the founder of EDR will transport you.
Sematic4 (HU/S/M Digital Records) : The dark, unknown space, the blurred neons in the rain through the dirty window of an abandoned factory. Metal, rust, chrome and concrete. Free, colorfull and associative trip with music from vinyls.
Mankind (HU) : Mankind brings together dark techno and classic acid vibes. Minimalist and young, dj from Budapest.
PsyPorn (BAND) : PsyPorn is an acoustic-electronic psyber-punk. Defining our music psychedelic is not just about the style. Our experimental live-act's electro-improvising form delivers a collective musical experience. The energy and the unworldliness is, what moves us, what inspires us. Our band is an audiovisual organically changing performance put inside a live context.
visual: Pneuma Vizual
Thanks for the artwork Dina Grábics, Tamás Hatházi!
support : 1000HUF
Source: www.facebook.com