Ren Yagami in Bulgaria (Workshop)

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Du 18/11/2017 13h00 au 19/11/2017 19h00/strike>

Bulevard Knyaginya Maria Luiza 126
1233 Sofia
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If you have questions or need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact Stanislav Atanasov or Ludvig Rigger.
Ren Yagami is the creator of the Yagami Ryu (Yagami style) - " 体を縛り、流れを結ぶ " Karada o shibari nagare o musubu" " tie the body to establish a connection/flow". The style is combination of the Aikido (which he practices from early age) with Shibari and Hodjodjutsu based techniques. This defines his specific Kinbaku style - 「責縛」"SEKIBAKU" - " sensual rope beautiful tie ", a term meaning not just a type of torturing through tying, but more in the sense of putting “the model” in perverted and humiliating pose, with which to show the internal beauty of her sexuality.
Yagami Ryu accentuates not the basic tying with rope, but the overall binding of the partner. Combination of the rope for the body and sensations for the mind. Ren Yagami Teaches that “even without the rope, you can bind and enjoy the SM”
This year Ren Yagami will present his style under the conceptual name “Shibari for sex”. Following not only the need for show or performance, but more importantly - the creation of deep sexual connection with the partner using shibari.
Day one
Basics of Yagami Ryu
- Body Flow - Getting to know basic hand movements and techniques that allows us to control our partner - center of mass, rithm and kuzishi - japanese term for unbalancing an opponent in the martial arts. The noun comes from the intransitive verb, kuzusu, meaning to level, pull down, or demolish. As such, it is refers to not just an unbalancing, but the process of getting an opponent into a position where his stability, and hence ability to regain uncompromised balance, is destroyed.
- Single rope basics - Understanding the basics in single rope tying.
“Ippon-nawa” exercises: Tying with one rope only and learning how to extract its ultimate efficiency.
- Kannuki Shibari - Two rope tying, arm binder.
Day two
Advanced techniques
- Yagami Ryu's Takate Kote analysis - Understanding the tying and the sequence of the Yagami Ryu’s Takate Kote. In depth exploration of this tie.
- Basics of the partial suspension - Understanding the basics of the hip-harness and the partial suspension.
- Pressure points (ANATOMY) - Getting to know and understand the basic Pressure points on the human body - the multitude of options to use these points, how to torture with them and where to be careful.
- Taijutsu - Understanding the paths to create sensation of pleasure or paint, using the body and mind, not the ropes.
Taijutsu (体術, literally "body technique" or "body skill") is a Japanese blanket term for any combat skill, technique or system of martial art using body movements that are described as an empty-hand combat skill or system.
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