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EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle
230 Beechwood Ave
K1L 8A7 Ottawa
The EPIC30 begins on November 15th!
Register here:
No diets, no deprivation! Making kickass food choices doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. In the EPIC30 Food and Lifestyle Transformation, Jessie Lindley RHN will be sharing her client-proven tips, tricks, hacks and recipes to up your game and fuel your #EPIClife!
Join us if...
-You feel tired, run down and overwhelmed
- You are reaching for a midmorning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up of coffee, carbs and sugar
- You keep meaning to get your food organized... but then life happens and you end up either grumpy, hungry and ordering take out
- You're working hard with your EPIC trainer and kicking butt... but the weight just isn't coming off the way you want it to!
- You saw great results when you first started training - but now you've hit a frustrating plateau
-You rush through the day tired, stressed and overwhelmed, waiting for it to be over so you can relax (with ice cream, cookies or wine)
-You are tired of being tired
- You want a healthy way to nudge the scale in the right direction

What's Included in the EPIC30:
You'll receive information and tools you can use long after the challenge ends, including:
*Daily tips, tricks and hacks PLUS the accountability to make real sustainable change
*Four weeks of customized meal plans, recipes AND shopping lists
*Support and motivation in our private Facebook community
*Unlimited coaching to help you make the EPIC30 work for you
*Two LIVE seminars at Epic Fitness and Lifestyle!
BONUS: Stress-Busting Tips and Improve Your Digestion Handouts, Kitchen Clean Out Handout
PLUS: 1 week of FREE nutritionist-designed amazing meals from Feed Me Ottawa! Never have time for breakfast? End up hangry at 7pm? We've got you covered. #win
Saturday, November 4th at 2pm: Jessie will be LIVE on the EPIC Facebook page answering all your questions and laying out EXACTLY why the EPIC30 should be non-negotiable this November!
Saturday, November 25th at 2pm - midpoint HIGH FIVE get together! Jessie will dive deeper into some of the EPIC30 program content and help you problem solve, brainstorm... PLUS you get the chance to pick her brain.
Saturday, December 10th at 2pm - wrap up party! Let's celebrate together and make a plan so you make all that awesome change stick!
Forget that Detox and "Get Skinny Fast" scheme... join us and Jessie will show you step-by-step how to make kickass choices, enjoy the heck out of your #EPIClife AND stay on track!
Investment $147
Click here to register: select Enroll or call us at: 613 741-4348
We welcome all members of the community**, EPIC clients and first-time visitors!
Sign up now for this event now, space is limited.
Stay up to date by visiting our Facebook page.
**Our version of the community includes people from all genders, ethnicities, sex, religion, sexual orientation and abilities. We are an inclusive facility and so are our events!