Red D + Jus Raw (We Play House)
Bonnefooi Brussels

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

ven. 17/11/2017 de 23h00 à 6h00/strike>

Bonnefooi Brussels
Rue des Pierres 8 Steenstraat
1000 Brussels
☾☾☾ Red D ☾☾☾
Red D is a Belgian DJ, was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that he got his big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let's just say that when he's playing some records, throwing the odd party and running a bit of a label, the following things might have been important in some way: DJ Hooligan, Music Man, Tina Turner, new beat, Boccaccio, rave, trance, techno, Benoelie & Biens, Chicago, house, Decadance, Discogs, Rare Records in Eindhoven, DEMF/Movement, Tyree Cooper, We Play House, Scott Ferguson, Lady Linn, disco, Rendez-Fou, Sunday Matinee, We Play House Recordings, Eenders Halle, Tomorrowland, FihP, Panorama Bar, copywriting & Music Mania ... etc...!
For this night, Red D will be joined by one of the most recent We Play House additions, Jus Raw from the Abondance family and groupie of Stroom TV.
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