Relax 'n Roll (myofascial release)
Balanzs Rotterdam

dim. 26/11/2017 de 14h15 à 16h15

Fuseau horaire : Amsterdam (GMT+01:00)

Balanzs Rotterdam
Mariniersweg 151
3011 NK Rotterdam
Relax 'n Roll (myofascial release)
During this workshop you’ll go on a personal exploration, in which you’ll learn, how to fully relax your body and mind, whilst reducing injuries and increasing flexibility. For this, you’ll be using tennis balls!
By “rolling on” the tennis balls you’ll give yourself a deep tissue massage. Combined with Yin Yoga you’ll be stimulating the fascia, which has a highly beneficial effect on the body, both mentally and physically.
You’ll also learn how to apply this in a fairly simple way, so you can use the tennis balls in the comforts of your own home and keep your “Balanzs” at all times.
Urmila transitioned from fitness into yoga and doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”. Through her personal quest for more knowledge and understanding of the human body she bumped into “myofascial release”. The advantages are too many to mention and you only need a few tennis balls!
All levels are welcome, so come and get your "roll on"!
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