Sahaja Flow + Tantra Meditation
Soul - Centre of the Body and Mind

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lun. 16/10/2017 de 9h30 à 10h45/strike>

Soul - Centre of the Body and Mind
18 Huia Rd, Titirangi
0604 Auckland
New Zealand
Come... and step outside the forms and into the formless...
Come... and let go of what you think yoga looks like and discover what yoga possibly is...
Come... and let go of yoga approached through BOTH the masculine and the feminine... through the Union of Shiva and Shakti at the heart space.
Join me in a 75 minute adventure into the unknown where we will focus on our connection to breath, our awareness of body, and our surrender to the flow of prana, or Shakti.
Class starts with a whole body posture flow designed to open up the flow of prana within the body. We'll focus on learning how to deeply drop in and allow the sponanteous arising of movement within the form - sahaja.
After warming up the body and freeing the flow of Prana, we will practice a Tantra Meditation consisting of pranayama, mudras, chanting, and visualisation.
This meditation connects you with the flow of Shakti, and the flow of Shiva, bringing Shakti up from the base and Shiva down from the crown to unite in the heart space.
It's a practice I was initiated in during my teacher training in 2010 by a Tantric Scholar (Christopher Tompkins). It's been a daily practice for me over the last three years, as I aim toward a 1000 Day Practice (on Day 600 now!).
And now, after immersing myself in this practice for so long, I'm ready to begin to teach it.
It's deceptively simple, and extraordinarily powerful.
Join me - let's Play!
No need to book - just show up. Usual class fees apply - $18 drop in.