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Farmshack BBQ

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sam. 14/10/2017 de 11h00 à 17h00/strike>

Farmshack BBQ
225 92 Lund
Come one come all, experience the largest corn maze in southern Sweden! [Majs-labyrint med tipsrunda]
Big Pappa has decided it is time for some fun with this corn business, we are cutting trails and making a maze for the Farmshack family.
Come get lost in the stalks of corn, try and find your way out, who knows what else you will find along the way... Will you be able to answer the riddles that the corn whispers, will you be able to find the Indian Chief? Only one way to find out!
50:- per adult, 25:- per kid (age 3-15) and includes a bag to fill up with corn that you can pick along the way.
Take away Big Pappas Chunky Chilistew and beverages will be availible to warm your spirits, and of course a big bonfire and marshmallow griling is always included