DIY Mobile App

dim. 28/01/2018 de 18h00 à 21h00

Fuseau horaire : Cairo (GMT+02:00)

47 El Askandar El Akbar St, Al Azaritah (beside mobil station)
فكرت قبل كدة في كام مثال ل Mobile App ساعد الناس تكون حياتها ابسط ووفر لهم وقت و مجهود كبير!
طيب واجهتك قبل كدة مشكلة وطلعت بفكرة ل Mobile App عبقرية، بس للاسف مكنش عندك skill انك تبرمج و تطلع app بسيط ينفذ المطلوب؟!
دلوقتي تقدر تنضم معانا في كورس DIY Mobile App و تبدأ معانا من الصفر لحد ما تنفذ ال mobile android app بتاعك بنفسك.
محتويات الكورس:
- Take your hand drawn app designs and lay them out on the phone screen.
- Learn the XML markup language used to lay out Android applications.
- Add text and color to your app.
- Learn about Views and ViewGroups, the basic building blocks of any Android App's User Interface.
- Learn how to use Views and ViewGroups to display images and text.
- Use padding and margins in order to make your layout comfortable on many different devices.
- Start by writing simple Java code statements that add interactivity to your app.
- Use a fundamental concept in programming, a variable, to keep track of all the coffee drinks ordered.
- Permissions, manifest.
- Activities, intent.
- Responsive layout.
- External libraries, grade.
- Adapters.
- Complex views and custom views.
- Birthday card app.
- Court counter.
- Coffee order.
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