How to Speak with Impact & Deliver Great Presentations
Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE)

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mar. 17/10/2017 de 15h00 à 16h30/strike>

Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE)
King Abdul Aziz Road
43033 Al Madina
Saudi Arabia
An essential skill in today's business world is presenting. Whatever level of the company you have reached, being able to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely with impact will always be valuable. This webinar delves into the world of speaking in public - aimed at everyone from those with little experience to those who feel they have a good grasp of the topic.
A practical straight-talking session packed with hands-on ideas, techniques and insights to help professionals speak and communicate with more impact. Learn valuable resources to feel more at ease speaking in public, pitching ideas, informing your teams, on stage or on camera. You will grasp small shifts in your mindset to create and even stronger first impression, build confidence and get your message across in the right way - when it matters.
From how to use your voice to structuring your talk, using gestures, dealing with nerves to intriguing body science insights - you'll be given lots of ideas you can use straight away to make sure you will be remembered for the right reasons.