Tibetan Bowls Meditation with Hannah & Charlie @Zen Yoga
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ven. 13/10/2017 de 15h00 à 16h00/strike>

Ascension Platforms
Springs 4, 7 Street, V 27
27498 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
✨ Exceptionnaly on this Beautiful Friday, 13th of October,
You will be gracefuly guided by Hannah Eden & Charlie Christie two Celestial Light Fairies joining, as we are looking forward to merging with their delicious energies and beauty!
With the moon in Leo showering us through the next week, you will be supported and guided to connect with the power and courage of the Lion energy to honour our ancestors, nurture your Selves, so we support our future generations to thrive in peace and harmony.
✨ EVERY FRIDAY at 3.00pm
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Cost: AED 90 / or package
Hannah Eden
An intuitive motivator and born with a natural urge to care for and lovingly protect those around her, to serve this gift and with a sprit to travel she embarked on a career as a nurse.
This 16 year journey lead her to Dubai and it is here she has found the space and Love to see childhood gifts rekindle, learning from wise and beautiful mentors how to to channel these gifts, through various energy healing modalities.
To continue her journey she chooses to share all she has learned. She is passionate about inspiring Self-Love and creativity in others so that they can unravel, heal and expand.
She works with reiki, tibetan singing bowls and crystals'
Charlie Christie
Tibetan singing Bowls Meditations with Ascension Platforms
You will be guided through a 1h Healing Meditation to reach a deep relaxed state, as the Harmonics, Frequencies and Vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls will take you to your own quiet space of Healing and reIntegration.
The Sounds Resonance creates a vibrational bath that welcomes the High Frequencies of Transformation.
Always with the Divine Intention to reach your Highest Aspect of Self in the Here and the Now ( on the physical, vital, emotional, mental, causal and celestial bodies), to manifest abundance and create the purest reality that you truly desire.
The Guided Meditation will help you to connect to your Inward Space and to All that is, to expand your Heart vibrational frequency and energy, to collectively rise Humanity and Earth Consciousness, to increase intuition and psychic abilities, to improve visualisation, to remember and develop Healing skills, and understand the science and connections behind the sounds.
No matter where you are at, beginner or experienced, whether you are simply looking for more peace of mind, relaxation, mental clarity or searching to deepen your level of spiritual awakening, you will allow yourself to let go, relax, integrate, soul-travel and heal.
In High Frequencies of Love and Light to All
Mathilde Lumiere Lunara
Sound Master, Teacher, Lightworker, Spiritual Guide
Source: www.facebook.com