Monthly Meditation- What Magic can you create? - Sheryl Walton
Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre

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sam. 14/10/2017 de 9h00 à 10h00/strike>

Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre
17 Gentian Street, Weltevreden Park
1709 Roodepoort
South Africa
We invite you to join us at our next Touched by an Angel with Sheryl Walton at 9am on Saturday 14th October at Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre
The Universe has the opportunity to work its natural, harmonic, magnetic magic and connect us to whatever resonates with the vibrations we are sending out.
Fresh out of Mercury retrograde, October is the month that we are going to be feeling supercharged and ready to fully embrace the rich opportunities that are flowing our way.
September brought a great deal of closure and release. The 9-9-9 energy portal offered us the strength to finally say goodbye to many of the harmful connections from our past and sever any ties that were draining and debilitating us.
Therefore, we now have the time and space needed to open and appreciate new, positive and life-changing connections and experiences, and to offer love abundantly without question or hesitation.
As we journey into October, we are going to be receiving insights that arrive in lightning sharp jolts and these will allow us to begin seeing everything with clarity again.
We will feel empowered to restructure whatever has been crumbling within our relationships, friendships, careers, or even within ourselves. All the things that seemed as though they were unraveling are the things we now feel sufficiently prepared and armed to focus on.
Our intuition will be loud and clear and working hard to stabilize and ground us, and this will allow us to know exactly what we need to do to repair whatever has recently seemed broken.
October is to lay the foundations and building blocks so that the type of connections we are going to attract are ones that last.
The most essential things we can do to align with October’s energy is to remain mindful, calm, as we pass through the month..
This month is whispering softly in our ears and is asking us to become more thoughtful, considerate and to be unconditionally generous. We are being called to speak tenderly to ourselves and to others and to sprinkle tokens of love and kindness wherever we go.
Although we will be carrying out these acts without expectation, energy is magnetic, so as soon as our energy vibrates on a higher frequency, we will notice that we will receive similar high frequency energies in return.
Loving energy will continuously flow all around us and this will be setting the tone to prepare us for November’s loving theme.
To lift our vibration and manifest, radiate gratitude, feel positive and content, relax and most importantly believe.
Date: Saturday 14th October
Time: 9am to 10am
Venue: Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre, 17 Gentian Street Weltevreden Park
Cost: R100 per person payable in CASH please.
Our Art Cafe on-site Coffee shop will be open for you to purchase refreshments before or after the meditation.
Booking is essential BEFORE 10th OCTOBER please via email on or
or on Whatsapp Brigitte - 0832752194 or comment below if you are attending.
Marking yourself as going does NOT book your spot.
PLEASE NOTE that bookings made via this Facebook event will not be taken seriously without a comment on the event that you are joining us - although ideally, we prefer a follow-up call to 083 276 2194 / 082 990 1172 or email /