24 Days Yoga Challenge - November (open level)
Sarvam Yoga

Du 17/10/2017 07h00 au 13/11/2017 08h00

Fuseau horaire : Beirut (GMT+03:00)

Sarvam Yoga
Beirut, Gemmayze, First Right after Urbanista Café
2803 Beirut
Change your life in 24 days !
The challenge comes back in an upgraded format.
Something for every level. Something for the beginner, something for the intermediate, and something for the advanced. Every week there will be a focus on different postures, depending on the level of the practitioner, from learning proper alignment, to learning to headstand, handstand, deepening your backbends, strengthening your core and upper body, wherever you are in your journey, this is for you ! And the progress is amazing !
So come join the tribe! Many have been joining our previous challenges and felt the incredible results on their bodies and minds. Alot of the students have comitted to turning this challenge into their lifestyles and have been doing this month in month out ! There is nothing like a daily practice to transform your life !
Starting 17 Octobre until 13th of November! Spaces are limited and they fill fast ! So book as soon as possible to secure a spot!
Have you been wanting to kick positivity into your life but need the right motivation? Do you feel the need to detoxify your body and mind? Feel the change in one month only with a group of dedicated practitioner.
Monday to Friday: 7 to 8 am
Saturday: 9:30 to 11 am
Commit to a new lifestyle, come practice with Maria, Hala, Sharon and Tracy before office and set the tone for your day. By practicing every day the body will see major transformation, so will the mind. By practicing early in the morning you will feel super energised and almost like a transformed new being.
The classes offered will be open for all levels including beginners. We will be offering dynamic powerful ashtanga inspired vinyasa classes to guarantee a detoxifying effect by the sweat released and the strength built. The flow is Ashtanga inspired, with modification to the traditional Ashtanga sequence depends on the focus of the day. Physically, this practice works on strengthening the body, and increasing flexibility. Mentally, daily practice helps reducing anxiety, stress, depression, increasing awareness and focus, and transforming you into a healthier person.
6 morning classes per week for only 135$ per month.
No prior yoga experience required, only an open mind.
*showers available
For registration and / or info, kindly contact 03 974 856
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