Open Studio // AALES
Third Space

Du 16/10/2017 13h00 au 22/10/2017 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Helsinki (GMT+03:00)

Third Space
Tarkk'ampujankatu 18
00150 Helsinki
Visiting hours:
16-22.10.2017 // 13:00 - 18:00
Hi, we are AALES, a sound art project. For a while we've been planning a performative piece. We would like to keep an open studio/artist residency, i.e. a place where we can create and perform music that is open to the audience. While we compose/play/perform the audience can simultaneously come and directly record our work from the main mixer in their preferred format (direct line recording to your recording device, C-tape etc.).
For this project we create a system, where composing, performing and recording is part of the same process and we make no separation between the three. This is not a fully automated process, but an organic one. There's no pause in our composing process and every day we choose a new way that connects to our audience.
This is our contra act against the music industry, to actually make no distance between creator and consumer. There is a value in physically being able to take the pure sound signal from the instruments.
Each day of the Open Studio we will create a new piece and the audience can come and see us work anytime during this process.
AALES was formed by Ryo Nagata and Sohei Yasui in 2014. The electronic music duo aims to make exquisite live performances with the pure sounds of hardware instruments.
AALES sound is very much inspired by techno, acid, breakbeats etc. but also a wide range of other genres of music.
Yet their sound system - which includes everything from a vintage Roland synthesizer to a new generation drum machine that are all uniquely connected - has a big potential and flexibility to swallow the separation of music genres and recreate sound organically in a real time live session.
The members of the music duo live on different sides of the world, Nagata in Japan and Yasui in Finland. The sound of AALES is the result of an exchange process of shared sound files and their personal live experiences and it also suggest you to take part of their journey of the borderless world of music.
On Saturday 21.10 @ 19:00 the outcome of the artist residency will be presented at Sound Room LXX: