Tipperary Dance Platform | Hope Hunt
Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre

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sam. 14/10/2017 de 19h30 à 20h30/strike>

Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre
Mitchell Street, Tipperary Town
00 Tipperary
Hope Hunt - Oona Doherty ( Nothern Ireland)
'Hope Hunt' lies between the lines of physiclal theatre, social proclamaton and dance. Oona Doherty performs a physical expression of the place between flesh and soul. Heaving lungs shout in the dark as as Doherty takes you through a dirty Europe, from teh dark and into the light liek a bursting lightbulb. 'Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus' is an attempt to rasie the male disadvantaged stereotype up into a bright white limbo. To make the smicks, the spides, the hoods the needs, into birds of a concrete paradise.
This is a hunt for hope.

'Hope Hunt' won the Dublin Tigre Fringe best performance Award 2016 and teh total thetare award for dance at Edinburgh festical 2017
€12/10/5 (double- bill) Bundle Offers available | 50 mins
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