Tipperary Dance Platform | La Huesera
Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

sam. 14/10/2017 de 20h00 à 21h00/strike>

Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre
Mitchell Street, Tipperary Town
00 Tipperary
La Huesera
Cie Hors Commerce (France)
Inspired by a mexican legend, 'La Husera' ( the bones Collector) is the twin portrait of a woman in touch with unconscious animal forces in a fantastic life ritual. Following the quest and the preperation, and a sucession of magical, dreamlike experiments, ' La Huesera' throws her body into the battle of performace. Stage is her space for ritual. Her archaic body, half insect, half sci-fi character, deconstructs ad reconstructs the avatars of femininity, simultaneously warlike and tender.
€12/10/5 ( double- bill ) Bundle offers available | 45 mins
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