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ven. 15/09/2017 de 17h45 à 20h45/strike>

MTL Newtech
51 sherbrooke ouest
Very excited to announce a new format:
- FREE tickets with free pizza and donation box at the door
- 4 to 6 innovative tech startups pitching (nothing new here;)
- 1 to 3 researchers presenting (vulgarizing) what they are working on (making it permanent!)
What do you think?
It's that time of year again. Whether you're personally going back to school or going back to work, you can't avoid the hustle and bustle surrounding the first weeks of September. And we want to celebrate our city's energetic, eager and ambitious young talent this time of year.
This demo night we're taking a closer look at startups who are improving collaboration and accessiblity within our community while also moving the date to Friday the 15th as we really wanted to celebrate the "back to school" together!! Come join us at Notman for an amazing panel of startups, complimentary drinks and food to help kick of another incredible season of new tech startups!
// Meet Startups & Talent
The evening will both start and finish with a networking time to meet co-founders for new startups projects: programmers, mobile & web entrepreneurs as well as tech professionals are part of the attendees. If you're looking for engineers, journalists or investors to take your startup to the next level, this is your chance!
// 5 Inspiring Startups on stage
Startups will then pitch to the crowd. Presentations will be exactly 5 minutes each including the demo, followed by a Q&A. We aim to benefit, challenge and inspire the community by featuring these innovative startups.
// Les Pitonneux
If you haven't heard about Les Pitonneux, it's an awesome non-profit that teaches you how to code in a new original format: the learning circle. They've developed a 12-week program, and are graduating their first cohort with 5 amazing projects. Whether you're looking for looking for talent, cofounders, or just to be inspired, check out their innovative demos! Presentations will be exactly 3 minutes each including the demo, followed by a Q&A session at the end of the startups demos.
// Innovative Research
Since 2017, at each demonight we have been aiming to bring a researcher or a project that has a deep research component to it to inspire startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to strive for meaningful innovations. This time regarding the AI research of our friends of Data Performers thanks to our partnership with Deep Learning Montreal!
// Meet your Community
We usually take few minutes for community announcements, it's all what we are about at the end of the day! While we have amazing communities helping entrepreneurs or exploring new technologies and innovations, many current or aspiring Montreal entrepreneurs are still unaware of all the awesome groups that exist. Especially this time being a kick off for the new seasons with usually a fairly high number of new beautiful faces in our community. So let's change that! If you know or are a community who wanna increase awareness of what you're up to, reach out to us and we will give you the time to shine! :) (limited to 10 though, and we will try to do it more recurrently)
5:45PM - 6:00PM | Doors open, networking time
6:00PM - 6:05PM | Opening Remarks
6:05PM - 6:55PM | 5 Startup Demos and Q&A panel
7:00PM - 7:40PM | 4 LAB12 by Pitonneux demos and Q&A panel
7:40PM - 7:55PM | Meet your Community
7:50PM - 9:00PM | Stay on for networking!
Notman House
51 Sherbrooke St,
Montréal (Québec),
Canada, H2x 1X2
// Community Collective
At MTL Newtech, we are always trying to build bridges with others communities. We would like to thank the members of our Community Collective that are helping make every event a success, and supporting all those who are helping build a thriving ecosystem of startup entrepreneurs in Montréal and beyond! We have some beautiful projects coming up together, stay in touch :)
- Queer Tech MTL is our community organisation that promotes the visibility, engagement, advocacy and coalescence of Queer minorities (LGBTQ+) and their allies in the tech startup Montréal ecosystem and beyond.
- MTL + Ecommerce are our old old old friends from back in the days of "startup squat" ;) They have grown to do wonders for the whole ecommerce community in Montreal and beyond. If you are or know someone who's into or want to start an online business, don't miss it!!
- Les if your budget is tight and you wanna learn how to code at your pace in a peer to peer setting with awesome mentors.
- freeCodeCamp Montreal if your budget is really super tight but you still wanna secure your future (and present! ;)
- MTLDATA if you wanna start breathing data science
- Osmos Academy if you wanna explore and learn about wearables, IoT tech, and data science use for good!
- HackerNest is our monthly nerding out with fellow geeks
/ / Community Partners
We would like to also thank our community partners that are supporting us and who are helping build our vibrant Montreal community every single day!
- MTLinTech
- BetaKit Montreal
- Club Cedille
- RETS: Regroupement d'Entrepreneuriat Technique et Stratégique
- Hacking Health
- Startup Drinks Montreal
- Maison Notman House
- District 3 Innovation Centre
- NeuroTechX
- WearHacks
- Montreal Girl Geeks
- Technovation Montréal
- McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship
- McGill Entrepreneurs Society
- Poly-E - Club Entrepreneur Étudiant de Polytechnique
- Institut d'entrepreneuriat Banque Nationale - HEC Montréal
- Centre d'entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM
- Upstarters Concordia Entrepreneurship Club
/ / Don't miss out
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