Ashtanga Yoga One Day Absolute Beginners Workshop - Jacobsbaai
The Yoga Space South Africa

sam. 14/10/2017 de 8h00 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Johannesburg (GMT+02:00)

7395 Velddrift
South Africa
I've had a few request to offer a one day beginners Ashtanga yoga workshop.
If you are curious about starting a yoga practice, or you have gone to a few classes and felt a bit lost, this Workshop is the answer.
A day of yoga, clean eating! Lots of laughter and meeting amazing like minded students on the same path!
Join Celeste Meyer for this Weekend of Absolute beginners Ashtanga Yoga Workshop. Introduction to all the basics you need to know to safely and confidently embark on a yoga journey.
We will be preparing all the meals together, to give you the building block to start slowly and to give you the confidence to carry on when you get home!
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So excited for our second Absolute Beginners Ashtanga Yoga Workshop (A Healing form of Yoga) hosted in Jacobsbaai.
Perhaps you have seen those strong, slim, toned, graceful people heading off to yoga class with their brightly colored mats, and you've wondered what this yoga thing is all about. You noticed they seem happy, too. They are people who radiate confidence and contentment. Or you have been practising yoga for a few years and are longing for a deeper understanding and practise.
Well this workshop is for you!
One day beginners Ashtanga yoga workshop / Clean living
This unique experience will Include:
Learning material
Daily: Super food smoothes, , three yoga classes, meditation class, organic vegetarian breakfast and lunch and herbal teas.
Yoga classes (a breakdown of all the beginners postures asana's and breathing exercises Pranayama) giving you the oppertunity to ask questions.
Meditation classes (a breakdown of a weekly meditation, re charging the seven chakra's)
Cost per person R 1 000.00. Send your email address for additional information
Time schedule:
08:00 - Super food smoothies
Morning yoga class
Yoga theory
30min weight loss yoga
Yoga theory, asana's
Tea break
Yoga theory
Yoga and meditation
What will be discussed:
Intoduction to Yoga
History of Yoga
The effects of Yoga
The eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga
Asana's Postures
Breathing Pranayama
Meditation Pratyaharah
Just a little about the form of yoga we will be studying and a little about your host.
The form of yoga that we will be studying is Ashtanga Yoga (a healing form of yoga) as taught by Patanjali in the classical work, the Yoga Sutras. Ashtanga Yoga is also know as the Eight Limbs of Yoga. All this will be explained in detail.
Now a little about your host. I have been actively teaching and study Ashtanga yoga for the past 7 years. I completed my level1 beginners teachers training course 315hr as well as my level11 advance teachers training course 315hr in Coonoor in India in 2008.
The workshop aims to give the student the tools and the learning material I received when I completed my beginbers course without the heavy price tag. I want to empower my students through knowledge and experience. Perfect for building a solid foundation for your home practice.