When Heaven and Earth Collide: Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping War
Great Leap Brewing

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Great Leap Brewing
北京市东城区新中街乙12号 / XinZhong Street B 12, Zi Ming Mansion 1 Floor, Beijing, China
100027 Beijing
Part of the Great Leap Brewing Company's Drinking in History Lecture Series.
Picture this if you can: The lunatic figurehead of a populist movement, a man given not just to delusions of grandeur, but to fully-formed hallucinations of his messianic nature. He is surrounded by a motley crew of advisors and allies, each possessed of their own deranged agendas and protecting personal fiefdoms. He feels beset on all sides by his enemies — imagined and real — and decides the best way to move forward is to purge his team with fire and bring in new blood.
Tough to imagine in this day and age, right? Let’s raise a glass to the man who tried to bring Heaven to Earth: Hong Xiuquan, younger son of God, kid bro to Jesus, and the paranoid narcissist who started a civil war that killed millions. Good times!
Location: Great Leap Brewing #6 (Near Nanluoguxiang)
Cost: 100 RMB and includes two beers (80 RMB for GLB Collective members). Spaces are limited, so please RSVP by emailing: jimmy@greatleapbrewing.com.
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