No shame be ERO

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Du 15/09/2017 19h00 au 16/09/2017 19h00/strike>

Pfarrplatz 18
4020 Linz
No shame be ERO
Exhibition by Roya Asadian and Rika Tadokoro
Opening: 15th of Sep. 7pm
also open on Saturday from 3-7pm
PERFORMANCE >>> 9:30pm > don´t miss it!
Shunga is a genre of Japanese erotic art from 17th century till late 18th century. Shunga is mostly produced as a form of woodblock print. The Japanese word shunga means picture of spring; "spring" is a common euphemism for sex and love in Japan. Shunga was enjoyed by both men and women of all classes. Also, during the Edo time, it had an open opinion about sexuality and homosexuality in contrast to the present time in Japan. Shunga's goal was to appeal to the new emerged social level in Japan by using everyday life aesthetic.
As the title suggests, the exhibition is about freedom of expression of sexual desire, feminine sexuality, and Libido aesthetic. Through different medium, the artworks play consciously with the concept of gazing and eroticism .

The aspiration of the artworks comes from Shunga prints but in the other hand the Artist's approach to theme varies though the exhibition. Some part of the exhibition tries to appropriate Shinga's aesthetic, and the other parts focus more on depiction of the Idea of Having no shame to be erotic.
At the end the exhibition promises a colorful journey to Japanese Shunga with total different approaches of two artists.