Fun & interesting topic based language exchange (Harajuku/MeijiJingu 4pm Monday)

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〒150-0001 Tokyo
渋谷区1 Chome−8−8
神宮前 Coxy188 ビル b1f

Introducing our NEW, FRESH & FUN language exchange events ..... 

While free style language exchange events offer opportunities to talk about a wide range of topics; this often doesn't happen. 

Conversations often start with "where are you from" followed by "what do you do" or "how long have you been in Tokyo" or "what are your hobbies" resulting in limited opportunities to learn new vocabulary/expressions and also importantly  not having as fun & interesting time as you could be. 

We've been hosting language exchange events for three years (500+ events) which have been fun & interesting for most but the time for change has arrived.  

So; after talking with many members we think we've come up with an approach  that's fresh, fun & effective! :)

Not only are we introducing topic based conversations but we're also increasing the # of rounds to 4; which will give the events more energy and increase the # of fellow members we meet @ the events and so more opportunities to make friends. 

More good reasons to join;

structure that optimizes fun & original speaking practice

different fun & interesting topics @ every table  

the location; Harajuku/Meijijingumae is a very popular district in Tokyo and has very convenient access

the venue is a popular British pub

our own private space 

- it's a very reasonably priced pub with HAPPY HOUR the whole event :)

This event is as it says; language exchange - it is THE focus of the event 

If you're a tourist interested in culture exchange and/or a friendly environment to speak to Japanese please join us too.  

A breakdown of the event; 

3:50pm - 3:55pm :Meetup time. Meijijingumae/Harajuku subway station exit 5 - street level. 

Going direct anytime from 4pm is fine too.

4pm - 4:15pm : Get a drink & preparation time. Being a pub there's an ample supply of the regular pub drinks + soft drinks & tea

4:15pm - 4:45pm : 15 minutes of English conversation/practice followed by 15 minutes of Japanese conversation/practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 

4:45pm - 4:50pm : Break time.Do as you'd like

4:50pm - 5:10pm : 10 minutes of Japanese conversation/practice followed by 10 minutes of English conversation/practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 

5:10pm - 5:15pm : Break time. Do as you'd like

5:15pm - 5:35pm : 10 minutes of English conversation/practice followed by 10 minutes of Japanese conversation/practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can

5:35pm - 5:40pm : Break time. Do as you'd like

5:40pm - 6pm : 10 minutes of Japanese conversation/practice followed by 10 minutes of English conversation/practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 

Joining fee :  

International tourists : Free 

Japanese ladies : ¥500

Japan based internationals : ¥500

Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000.

Notes : 

- This format means you should have at least eight language exchange partners during the event. Please don't ask to change partners 

- This event is for English & Japanese language exchange only. In future we might try incorporating other languages 

- All levels of English & Japanese are welcome

- No teaching experience is needed

- This is a non smoking event. For smokers there's a separate smoking section 

- If you're on the waiting list - if one starts - please rather join us another time.