Building Human Capital: Stress Management 201

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Collab Space

Collab Space Weekly Educational Roundtable: "Building Human Capital: Stress Management 201" facilitated by Tony Ricard

Over the recent past, I have been approached by many entrepreneurs asking for more information and insights into stress, its manifestation and how to effectively deal with it. Unfortunately, dealing with it is not always an easy thing, and an hour is never enough. If you deal with it wrong, it can result in permanent injury and extensive treatment. The uncertainty of the economy and the uncertain potential is stressful enough, let alone when there are families to support. We know it exists, see the impact daily and hear about the extremes in the media.

This interactive workshop will target what stress is, how it interacts with your life and some of the myths surrounding stress and mental health issues. We’ll even discuss some easy ways to deal with stressors and make them work for you. We will discover not only simple indicators but, more importantly, effective practices to harness them.

This workshop is for you if you know someone who is: 
• Irritable; 

• Frustrated; 

• Forgetful; 

• Trouble sleeping; 

• Always tired; or 

• Wants to be left alone. 

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” 

- Hans Selye