Smarter Decisions: How to Overcome Mental Biases
AlMaqarr Coworking Space

sam. 26/08/2017 de 18h00 à 20h00

Fuseau horaire : Cairo (GMT+02:00)

AlMaqarr Coworking Space
17 Ibn Sina st. Salah Salem st. Heliopolis
DُECISIONS PLAY A SIMILAR ROLE to the turns in the road. In our cars, we may spend 95% of our time going straight. But it is the turns that determine where we end up. similarly, our decisions determine where we end up in business and in life.
BUT HUMANS ARE HARDWIRED TO MAKE WRONG DECISIONS! This is a fact. Researchers have found a lot of mental biases that direct you to a decision that may not be the best given the options you have.
TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, you need not just to be aware of the biases, you also need a solid PROCESS. Does knowing that you are nearsighted help you see better? Similarly, it's hard to correct a bias just by being aware of it. In this session, we'll give you this process.
In this session, you'll learn:
- Introduction to the systems of thinking.
- What are the main mental biases you have.
- An easy way to overcome these biases and make better decisions.
Target Audience:
- People in managing positions where their decisions can make a difference between winning and losing.
- Those who are leading teams, whether professionally or in student activities.
- People who often find themselves hesitated when it comes to decisions.
Date: Sat. Aug 26th.
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Location: AlMaqarr Coworking Space - Heliopolis.
Fees: 100 EGP (75 EGP for groups of 3 or more)
About the instructor:
Ahmad El-Shazly, Co-Founder of Increase.
Ahmad is a certified trainer who helps people to achieve and maintain better results. He started his training journey four years ago giving lectures to school and college students. His lectures address his audience’s way of thinking and their interpersonal skills.
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Training Language: Arabic. But slides and material are in English.
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